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Grow your affiliate marketing by building great relationships

Moonpull advanced affiliate tracking platform for networks, OPMs and Publishers

Moonpull helps you build the trust, respect and integrity that underpin successful use of the affiliate model

As the channel wrestles with the ongoing complexities foisted on it by browser restrictions and legislative complexities in which it operates these values are only ever becoming more important.  They will be for many years to come.

There is great opportunity for advertisers, agencies and networks to build great programs. Such programs demonstrate a detailed understanding of publishers’ needs including communicating effectively and authoritatively with them about how promotions and ongoing campaigns will be most effective.


The Moonpull platform

Moonpull offers a platform for examining the intricacies of the technical side of tracking utilised by networks, publishers, agencies and thus helping advertisers too.  This can be undertaken at scale to form a rich and valuable dataset.  This audit data can be utilised to form the bedrock of great program management whether you’re a publisher, agency, advertiser or network.


The affiliate channel is unique

The affiliate channel is the only one that at the point a customer makes a purchase, there needs to be a record (a ‘memory’) to retrieve to identify and reward the referring publisher. It therefore needs a more exacting technical implementation than other channels.

Moonpull is more than a platform

Moonpull’s data – and the clear visualisation of this data – is helping its clients make better long, medium and short term decisions. The data helps clients achieve better operational and strategic outcomes with all their partners, creating long time success built on short-term impact.

Accurate data allows a focus on the creative

It is vital publishers use links that will track all referrals to the specific offer for marketers to improve their understanding of how the channel can be most effective. Advertisers and the publishers can then optimise the performance together more incisively.

Measuring the value of affiliate marketing better

Online measurement is notoriously difficult. Moonpull’s data helps users reduce measurement differences so that there is a solid baseline for understanding performance. This facilitates better conversations about attribution and apportioning budgets to further improve the performance.


Great publisher to advertiser relationships require trust, respect and integrity.  Moonpull is used by networks, agencies and publishers alike to ensure they’re maximising the opportunity of the model.