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Audit Overview Reports

Moonpull Audit Overview Reports enable publishers to communicate more effectively with networks and advertisers over issues around tracking and cookie consent.

The pdf format report is a snapshot version of the fuller audit report in the Moonpull platform. It summarises the Moonpull assessment of a specific affiliate link and handover path to the relevant page on the advertiser’s site. The key points from the audit and laid out clearly for a quick assessment of any issues that may have been identified.

Publishers may use these reports in combination with the Uplift Calculator in conversations with advertisers about their mutual performance and how the reward methodology should be optimised.

Using Overview Reports

For instance, publishers may ask advertisers about the proportion of users giving consent (or otherwise) to the affiliate tracking components and this figure could then be used within the Uplift Calculator to inform conversations. With details about the publisher’s quality and type of traffic, advertisers and publishers can then discuss:

  • • Publisher-specific CPAs based on the attributes of their traffic
  • • Tenancy campaigns to contribute to the aims of the advertiser, whilst giving the publisher an alternative/complementary revenue stream
  • • the time period over which an issue might be rectified.


For a large publisher the sums will add up if not addressed. Moonpull recommends that the Moonpull Audit Summary is combined with the Uplift Calculator in conversations with advertisers.

Technical Conversations

Based on feedback from users, the clarity of the Overview Report enables the advertiser’s tech team to quickly identify the cause of an issue and apply the appropriate solution. This bypasses the usual publisher query being passed through as a general query to the network or advertiser as to whether the tracking is working correctly. 

These two examples show how this can work:

Audit Overview report Kylie
Audit overview use case 1
audit overview case 4

Strengthening Relationships

The use of the audit overview reports by publishers in these instances, to give their advertiser partners a fuller understanding of the issues encountered has led to clearer communications and stronger working relationships.

About Moonpull

If you received this report and this is your first view of our audits, Moonpull has been developed to give insights into the ‘Affiliate Handover’ process to the advertiser landing page. This includes identifying potential issues affecting the success of each tracking instance in a real time audit of the tracking and CMPs acting on that process. Regular auditing also enables the Moonpull Link Assurance functionality.

You can read more about Moonpull on the About Us page, and of course in more detail in our blog articles.

To find out how Moonpull can be used in your own business, contact the Moonpull team

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