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Moonpull Link Assurance

Moonpull tools help networks, advertisers and agencies to give assurance to publishers that tracking is correctly implemented

Moonpull Link Assurance tools provide ‘validation’ for Moonpull clients to communicate to their publishers.

Moonpull’s analysis shows that upwards of 2% of advertisers’ websites change weekly, giving rise to the potential of tracking being compromised. This will have the effect of referred customer sales going untracked and for publishers for commissions to be lost.

Link Assurance gives individual publishers insights into the handover status of the specific affiliate link being examined and that the link works as intended, delivering users to advertisers’ sites with first party tracking set up correctly.

This is important for all users of the model: 

  • For affiliate publishers reliable tracking is crucial for their revenue to be accurately calculated. 
  • For affiliate managers it is important to have full understanding of the tracking status
  • Networks rely on the quality of their tracking technologies both for ongoing QA management, and to ensure network fees are correctly applied

Network Link Assurance 

Assurance status

For affiliate networks, this new feature allows the network to communicate to publishers that an advertiser has a good tracking set up. Moonpull Link Assurance is available to Moonpull’s network clients to communicate that advertisers’ home pages have been audited with the links working as intended

The button shows that recently audited links to the assured advertisers’ home pages demonstrate that the affiliate handover is set up correctly. This can be displayed as a button as above, on the advertiser program listing page. 

This gives peace of mind to current and prospective affiliates, who can then promote the program with confidence that commission will be earned on sales. 

Moonpull Link Assurance reports a program as having one of these assurances:

  • Assured – The tracking happens once you reach the advertiser’s page.
  • Assured, Consent Needed – The tracking happens if a user gives consent after landing on the advertiser’s page.
  • Not Assured – This means either the website has not sought assurance from Moonpull in the last 7 days, or assurance was sought but not given as there is a potential problem.

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Link Assurance for OPMs

Assurance status

For OPM and affiliate management agencies, Moonpull Link Assurance offers several benefits. Clients’ programs can be promoted to publishers with assurance from Moonpull which is valuable due to our status as a trusted auditor of the tracking. This serves to encourage existing affiliates to promote an advertiser more and as an aid to publisher recruitment. 

Correct recording of sales from referring publishers is of great importance, even where an OPM operates on a fees only basis. 

Such accurate reporting is almost more important in circumstances where the OPM is remunerated in part or in full on a performance basis. Moonpull Link Assurance gives the OPM itself assurance that the tracking implementation is still operating correctly. Accurately recording sales volumes being referred by affiliates, also helps to maintain a strong program EPC, reinforcing the value of the program management.

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Link Assurance for Publishers

Cashback assurance

Publishers are increasingly aware that tracking may be affected by user consent or changes in advertiser implementation. This was evident from discussions at the 2023 Publisher Round Table hosted by Moonpull. Leading publishers shared their concerns on the issues, and a consensus was arrived at that effective and consistent communication was needed. Moonpull’s Link Assurance provides tools to help publishers effectively communicate any concerns to networks and advertisers, with clear actionable reports. 

For affiliates with memberships, such as cashback and affinity publishers, Moonpull Link Assurance provides them with the confidence that an advertiser is set up correctly for cashback/affinity reward to be earned. This serves three purposes: 

  • • The website member can have confidence that the publisher is doing all they can to help 
  • • For the publisher, it will help in reducing the time spent in chasing missing commission for user cashback 
  • • Moonpull’s assurance status allows publishers to educate their users as to the relationship between giving consent on the advertiser’s page and earning cashback automatically.


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