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Moonpull provides a range of reports that can be used to communicate with others about tracking matters.  This page is to provide an introduction to those reports for someone who has received one and would like to know a little more.

Advertiser Tracking Status Report

The Advertiser Tracking Status Report is a report for an advertiser to appreciate the first party tracking on a specific page on their site.

In most cases the report confirms all is in order on this page which means publishers can promote in confidence and the advertiser can rely on the network’s tracking for decisions around channel performance and how to grow the program.

Sometimes the report will register ‘no memory cookie’ which is an indication the first party handover is not being completed correctly.  The Moonpull blog has further information on the role of the memory cookie in first party tracking.

The assurance is just for the specific link, so other links in use by publishers may have different results.  We recommend advertisers audit a range of pages, including new offers and also deeplinks.

Advertisers, or their agencies, can audit 50 or more links to receive Moonpull Certification and also audit specific links for specific publishers to receive Moonpull Link Assurance that is valid for 7 days after the audit.

Moonpull Link Assurance

Moonpull Link Assurance is a first party tracking status that can be created in real time for an agency, network or advertiser to give to a publisher.   The assurance confirms whether it tracks requiring consent or immediately (or perhaps there isn’t first party tracking in place).

Link Assurance for agencies and OPMs

The assurance generates a ‘validation id’ that the Moonpull client can use in a co-branded page and provide to a publisher.  Typically, an agency might generate one for each of the top publishers on a program.  The reassuance will help get the publishers commitment to the promotion.

If there is an issue, the combination of the assurances plus an Audit Overview Report for achieving an expedient fix.

Uplift Calculator

The calculator offers a calculation for understanding the uplift that would be achieved above the currently tracked sales if all referrals were properly tracked.  For circumstances where consent is required for the first party tracking it allows an estimate on a methodology similar to that Google is going to be applying called ‘modelled conversions’ for instances where their GA4 measurement is similarly limited.

The Uplift Calculator is described on its own page.

Audit Overview Report

This report includes details on a link that has compromised tracking that points developers at the weakness for an expedient fix. They may be created by networks, advertisers or agencies.

Sometimes the details help by Moonpull need to be updated, perhaps because an advertiser has updated a custom implementation.  In the first instance we recommend advertisers talk with their network and see if they have a Moonpull account for making such updates.

The Audit Overview Report is outlined on its separate page.

Stage Reporting

Stage Reporting is for confirming the redirect path which Moonpull followed, along with details on tracking components identified at each stage.

Cookie Report

The Cookie Report identifies the cookies and local storage set on the users device at each stage of the redirect path.  It includes the value to allw a reader to confirm whether the cookie or local storage is being populated as intended.  This helps an evaluation of the tracking implementation.

It includes details on network’s third party cookies being set on a network redirect, as well as third party and first party cookies being set on the advertisers site.

About Moonpull

The Moonpull platform has been developed to give insights into the ‘Affiliate Handover’ process to the advertiser landing page. This includes identifying potential issues in processing the Memory Cookie affecting the success of each tracking instance in a real time audit of the tracking and CMPs acting on that process. Regular auditing also enables the Moonpull Link Assurance functionality.

To find out how Moonpull can be used in your own business, contact the Moonpull team

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