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Chris Tradgett

Chris Tradgett has 20+ years experience in the affiliate industry, initially being part of the startup team at the affiliate network. More recently working client side with Easyspace, and then in affiliate tech as founder of Publisher Discovery. Currently an adviser to Moonpull

black friday sales

Did Black Friday Disappoint?

Technology impact on affiliate performance over Black Friday: Chris Tradgett Insights from the Moonpull1000 For many publishers, networks and indeed advertisers in ecommerce, Black Friday weekend is the peak trading period for the whole year. Sarah Beeskow-Blay of Silverbean was one of the first to report initial results in Linkedin with strong figures. Online salesRead More »Did Black Friday Disappoint?
drag and drop

Moonpull Drag & Drop

Tracking audit functionality update Chris Tradgett Moonpull has launched a drag and drop capability to audit affiliate links. This enables the easy submission and link performance analysis by a simple copy and paste without the need to upload data via csv. It allows users to treat the Moonpull platform as though it’s a desktop widgetRead More »Moonpull Drag & Drop
the affiliate handover

The Affiliate Handover

Outline of the journey from the publisher’s site to the advertiser’s landing page – what we term the ‘affiliate handover’.

PI Live learnings

Learnings from PI Live 2022

PI Live learnings Chris Tradgett Last week gave us another amazing return to Old Billingsgate, in London for the latest PI Live show - and one of the busiest conferences for years. Based on our conversations we had at the conference, we thought it worthwhile sharing some of these PI Live learnings in more detail.Read More »Learnings from PI Live 2022
tracking cookies

First Party vs Third Party Tracking Cookies

A brief history and outline of the key differences between first party and third party tracking cookies, as used in affiliate marketing. With the continued move to deprecation of third party cookies across browsers, affiliate marketing is well prepared for the changes.