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Steven Brown

key affiliate metric

The key affiliate metric for 2023

The most important metric in affiliate marketing Steven Brown Perhaps the most famous metric in all of marketing was John Wanamaker’s view that only half your advertising is working, with the associated conundrum that the trouble is you don’t know which half! Wanamaker’s view was clearly a pre-digital perspective.  Ever since the cookie was developedRead More »The key affiliate metric for 2023
affiliate tracking

Control Your Affiliate Tracking

      Control Your Affiliate Tracking   Part Of the series of articles on The tracking conversation:4 part four There is one ever-present topic within every conversation between affiliate marketers serious about improving their performance: the tracking conversation. This article continues the conversation and lays out the specific issues for affiliate publishers.   PublishersRead More »Control Your Affiliate Tracking
tracking typewriter

The Tracking Conversation

A series of articles around issues around affiliate tracking integration and how it impacts the trust and effectiveness of the industry