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Affiliate Management

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Articles on the discipline of Affiliate Management. See also the more technical outline on Cookies and Affiliate Tracking

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How attribution rules are applied in affiliate marketing

The attribution rules

Affiliate tracking technologies employ a variety of referral methods. Understanding how the attribution rules are applied is key to know how publishers will be compensated. This article provides an outline to help with that understanding.

Hierarchy of affiliate tracking title

The Hierarchy of Affiliate Tracking

There was a time when affiliate tracking was relatively simple and based on a network cookie – and a pixel on the confirmation page. The industry has of course moved on and tracking technologies have evolved to accommodate many other functions than the simple sale acknowledgement. We examine this in more detail.

The flight to quality in 2024

2024: The Flight to Quality

In 2024, affiliate tracking will face increasing challenges around user consent and cookies, with publishers making a ‘flight to quality’ advertisers, who take tracking seriously

Affiliate tracking in 2024

Managing Affiliate Tracking in 2024

Admin At Moonpull we frequently get asked how to improve tracking and in many cases it’s more a question about understanding tracking. This has been the subject of several Linkedin conversations over recent months as attention is turning towards tracking in 2024. James Little of TopCashback highlighted issues they had identified - and in someRead More »Managing Affiliate Tracking in 2024
online privacy and cookie consent banners

Cookie Consent Banners

Admin The Effect on Affiliate Tracking This follows on from an earlier article on Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) for the affiliate industry and some of the options available. It also covered the legal standpoints for affiliate partnerships and stressed the importance of understanding the effect of CMPs or cookie consent banners on affiliate tracking.  TheRead More »Cookie Consent Banners
Moonpull Verification launch

Launch of Moonpull Verification

Admin We are excited to be adding Moonpull Verification to the product suite, to complement the Moonpull Audit product already in use by networks and publishers across the US and Europe.   Moonpull Verification Moonpull Verification is a searchable database of tracking appraisals across hundreds of advertisers, across all the main networks. The database will growRead More »Launch of Moonpull Verification
consent management

Affiliate Industry Consent Management Guide

Managing cookie consent for affiliates Admin From the early stages of building Moonpull, the team has been monitoring the effect Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) are having on the affiliate tracking process, particularly in cookie consent management. Since the definition of consent was bolstered in GDPR legislation, the impact of PECR compliance has led to userRead More »Affiliate Industry Consent Management Guide
the 2023 affiliate metric for advertisers

The most important affiliate metric for advertisers

How advertisers should interpret the proportion of sales that are third party only Admin The problems associated with tracking using third-party cookies should be well known by now by everyone in the affiliate industry. Based on evidence in Moonpull’s regular industry audits, it is an area that has not been addressed to best effect acrossRead More »The most important affiliate metric for advertisers
key affiliate metric

The key affiliate metric for 2023

The most important metric in affiliate marketing Admin Perhaps the most famous metric in all of marketing was John Wanamaker’s view that only half your advertising is working, with the associated conundrum that the trouble is you don’t know which half! Wanamaker’s view was clearly a pre-digital perspective.  Ever since the cookie was developed inRead More »The key affiliate metric for 2023