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Launch of Moonpull Verification

Moonpull Verification launch

Steven Brown

We are excited to be adding Moonpull Verification to the product suite, to complement the Moonpull Audit product already in use by networks and publishers across the US and Europe.  

Assurance status

Moonpull Verification

Moonpull Verification is a searchable database of tracking appraisals across hundreds of advertisers, across all the main networks. The database will grow as its users – networks, agencies and publishers – add further links from more advertisers and more networks.

Access to Moonpull Verification is provided free to ‘Early Adopters’, who are members of a trade body such as the PMA, the UK Publisher Board, the IAB or the UK Trade Association. After the Early Adopter phase, further updates based on feedback will be added and access will be opened up to more participants from the industry. 

Executive Director of the PMA, Tricia Meyer commented: “I am excited to see Moonpull expanding their product suite. More data and better tracking is essential for the health and growth of our industry. I’m thankful to them for extending the Early Adopter opportunity to PMA members as we’re keen to see the initiative help all the players in the affiliate world benefit together”.

Moonpull Verification platform for affiliate publishers

Moonpull Verification provides Link Assurance that assesses whether advertisers’ sites are appropriately setting first party ‘memory cookies’. These are the cookies (or local storage elements) ensuring that the information to attribute commission is available to the advertiser at the checkout stage to pass onto the network.

How it Works

Here’s a very brief explanation:

Moonpull Verification Networks

Affiliate and Partner Networks that are Moonpull Verification Networks have the benefit of being able to add comments to the Assurances on the advertisers utilising their technologies, being alerted when new entries are added to the Verification database. Additionally, they are able to add customisations to the Assurance process to make results more accurate where advertisers have their own format of first party affiliate integration.

Accessing Moonpull Verification

Current users can find Moonpull Verification in the left navigation to see the assurance status on submitted links. If you are amember of the PMA or other organisations, please send a request for your invite.

If you would like to see more of how Moonpull can benefit your business, we’d love to hear from you.