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Link Assurance Confirmation

Moonpull confirms the link’s tracking status as follows:

Moonpull is an independent third-party link assurance service.

We work in conjunction with online websites to offer their users assurance that events like tracking commission when users buy are properly configured.

Moonpull offers three levels of assurance.

Assured – The tracking happens once you reach the advertiser’s page.

Assured, Consent needed – The tracking happens if a user gives consent after landing on the advertiser’s page.

Not assured – This means either the website has not sought assurance from Moonpull in the last 7 days, or assurance was sought but not given as there is a potential problem.

Please note assurance is a guide, not a guarantee.  The assurance is for desktop and mobile websites (not apps) and as the assurance is in the last 7 days there is a small change it is different right now.