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Moonpull Uplift Calculator

The template to check the potential uplift when tracking is correctly implemented

The Moonpull Uplift Calculator for a publisher’s traffic to an advertiser with user consent being necessary for first party tracking is shown here.

It illustrates a situation where consent is declined by 50% of users, as reported in The Drum.  For 60% of these users the network’s third party tracking will kick in so tracking is potentially not present for 4/10ths of 5/10ths or 20% of traffic.  As the sales reported exclude that missed the loss is 20% of a bigger number or 25% of the reported sales.

The Uplift

In the example shown, based on the sales and published commission, if all potential sales were being tracked, that would show an uplift of 18% on current commission earnings.

outlet . theory value calculator

For a large publisher such sums will add up if not addressed.  Moonpull recommends that the value calculator is combined with the Moonpull Audit Summary (a pdf) in conversations with advertisers.

The user can replicate the situation when Chrome deprecates third party cookies by setting the ‘Users with browsers accepting 3rd party tracking’ to 0%. The overall improvement if every user gave consent would be 100%. 

Moonpull is thus helping to illustrate the challenges relating to revenue maximisation (in reality revenue maintenance) during the storm being created by two externally driven technical challenges to tracking: Cookie Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) and Chrome’s third party cookie deprecation coming in 2024.

Audit Results

The output from a quick submit audit is the same depth of data. So in the case of an error or issue being identified in the Audit Report, that can be shared with the program manager or advertiser to start a more informed discussion.

Where tracking is compromised, the publisher has a technical explanation on which to base discussions on matters such as:

• CPA increase

• A tenancy package

• Involvement in alternative campaigns, perhaps not ordinarily down the affiliate channel

• An expedited technical fix to a tracking issue

About Moonpull

Moonpull has been developed to give insights into the ‘Affiliate Handover’ process to the advertiser landing page. This includes identifying potential issues affecting the success of each tracking instance in a real time audit of the tracking and CMPs acting on that process. Regular auditing also enables the Moonpull Link Assurance functionality.

You can read more about Moonpull on the About Us page, and of course in more detail in our blog articles.

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To find out how Moonpull can be used in your own publisher business, contact the Moonpull team