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Moonpull quick submit

Simple tool for quick link submission and answers

There are always occasions when a quick answer is needed to a potential issue. Quick submit lets Moonpull users drag and drop a link for that quick answer.

For publishers needing a more in-depth analysis, then a csv upload or api call are the best routes. The audits can also be scheduled on anything from a daily basis to monthly to monitor the affiliate partnership on an ongoing basis.

Moonpull has identified that up to 8% of advertiser websites a month make changes that affect the tracking handover, so regular audits are important.

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Moonpull Quick Submit

Audit Results

The output from a quick submit audit is the same depth of data. So in the case of an error or issue being identified in the report, that can be shared with the program manager or advertiser to start a more informed discussion.

Where tracking is compromised, the publisher has a technical explanation on which to base discussions on matters such as:

• CPA increase

• A tenancy package

• Involvement in alternative campaigns, perhaps not ordinarily down the affiliate channel

• An expedited technical fix to a tracking issue


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