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Advertiser Certification for
enhancing a program reputation

Advertiser Certification is a specific product that demonstrates an advertiser’s program is managed with a particular focus on the continuous success of the tracking

Agencies, larger advertisers and networks can utilise Certification for themselves or their clients

Affiliate and partner networks are businesses that have many complex components, of which tracking is just one.  The different networks have different technical solutions that may suit some advertisers, or indeed publishers, with Moonpull’s view being that they all provide good tracking that works reliably when implemented properly.

Advertisers face many competing technical, and increasingly legislative, challenges to keep all channels working effectively to give customers the right content with the right offers at the right time.  Over the duration of a program the development of an advertiser’s website and these challenges can lead to a degradation of tracking,  something we call the ‘half-life’ of tracking reliability.

Moonpull Certification is a recognition for a program that the tracking is under continuous review, with any limitations being identified promptly.  Specifically it is acknowledgement that fifty or more links from the advertiser are tested each month.  These could be: new offer links, specific links for specific publishers, category pages or a sample of deeplinks too.  Additionally they might reflect a short period of testing associated with correcting an identified issue.

OPM agency Meeting - with thanks to Jason Goodman

Moonpull Certification use by agencies and OPMs

Agencies and  OPMs are judged, and sometimes rewarded, on the basis of the success of the programs being managed. Regular and detailed auditing of advertiser tracking ensures that program tracking is optimised to ensure affiliates are promoting advertisers where they should receive the commissions appropriate to the success of their activity.

Accurate tracking also underpins the quality of advertiser to publisher relationships, with confidence about being appropriately remunerated being a significant factor in publishers running offers and building campaigns.

Accurate tracking also allows an advertiser to understand which offers and campaigns are being effective and to compare the performance of the affiliate channel fairly to other channels.


Moonpull Link Assurance

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Moonpull Link Assurance is an assurance that the ‘memory cookie’ is being correctly set following use of a specific affiliate link.  This link could be one given to one publisher with a custom offer, one of a range given to publishers associated with a new campaign or simply being utilised in demonstrating the tracking on a home page link for a prospective new publisher.

Moonpull finds that inadvertently created issues are some of the more common reasons for tracking matters.  One way of seeing the importance of this is that ‘the most unreliable link is likely to be a new link’.

For larger advertisers with complex tracking, Moonpull provides the assurance for each geography and implementation, that tracking from the publisher website to advertiser landing page is set up correctly.

Advertiser and publisher responsiveness

Moonpull’s users find advertisers are more responsive to tracking matters being raised when associated with details of a specific link identified with Moonpull’s Audit Overview Report highlighting where in the user journey the tracking matter is first being identified.

Publishers typically can solve issues under their control faster than advertisers and therefore appreciate the detail and incisiveness of the Moonpull audits.

Moonpull is empowering better relationships as it is helping affiliate marketers collectively move beyond the ‘something wrong with tracking’ message, to a fully informed communication of the issue involved.

Networks are equally responsive, however in Moonpull’s experience networks are the least likely source of a matter causing tracking not to be working as intended.

​​”We can now get visibility on where and why
tracking fails and commission is being lost,
in granular detail – which enables us
to have conversations to fix the issues.”

James Little, TopCashback

​​“We take affiliate tracking for granted
and clearly it’s not doing the job
we think it does”

Bruce Clayton, Gen3

“Downtimes happen. Unfortunately, they happen to affiliate marketing tracking too. Simply put, these are the times when your affiliate program doesn’t track affiliate-referred conversions“

Geno Prussakov, AM Days

Moonpull is the platform enhancing enduring relationships

Supported Networks

Moonpull provides publishers with the ability to evaluate links from most major affiliate networks and SaaS platforms.

This enables the links from whole campaigns to be audited before setting the campaign live and avoids wasting traffic on poorly performing tracking links.  It ensures that commissions can be maximised for all publisher types:

  • • Blogger websites and Influencer social posts
  • • Review and Content websites
  • • Email affiliates
  • • Coupon and deal websites
  • • Reward, Loyalty and Cashback publishers


Moonpull’s audit approach can be customised to provide further information on each audit.  It may be this is relevant to relationships with specific networks or relevant to how specific publishers utilise affiliate links.  For instance, technology publishers and services aggregating links and providing white label services have specific needs that Moonpull can help with custom technology.

The Moonpull Audit

petdrugs online publisher audit report

The image is an example of a Moonpull Audit page, giving details of the link, first-party cookies, scripts and local storage in use during the ‘affiliate handover‘. This includes the all important ‘memory cookie‘.

The Consent Management Platform is also shown and the audit shows how tracking parameters are passed at each stage from initial landing, through the cookie acceptance option and to a screen refresh to ensure that the conditions persist to allow commission to be earned.

The Uplift Calculator then provides a quick check to see what the potential commission uplift would be if tracking was correctly implemented –
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The Audit Overview Report provides a summary of the audit for discussion with networks, advertisers and agencies.