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Strengthen publisher
and advertiser relationships

World leader in affiliate network tracking analysis
and verification provides the tools
to help all involved in the affiliate handover process

Affiliate networks have evolved to have a large infrastructure coping with technical complexities, publisher needs and advertisers’ platforms. These increasingly include additional requirements beyond affiliate marketing.

Moonpull draws on decades of experience in affiliate tracking to bring clarity to the handover process from publisher links through to the advertiser landing page. This provides valuable insight for wider network quality control as well as the ability to carry out one-off audits for potential issues.

Going forward the technical environment is  getting more difficult as tracking options within Safari, Google, Facebook and other platforms become more restricted with compliance matters having become increasingly complex.

affiliate commission

What we do

The Moonpull platform has been developed to provide an independent auditing function for all involved in the affiliate tracking handover process. The audits and reports help networks to understand any issues compromising the referral through to the advertiser – and to provide the detail for a technical conversation and arrive at a quick resolution. 

Radisson tracking analysis in Moonpull

Improve program performance

Verified tracking helps to lift program EPCs to make your programs more attractive to promote

Improve publisher relationships

Moonpull provides the tools  to give affiliates confidence that referrals track and commission will flow

Enhanced channel credibility

Independent assessment of the affiliate model encourages new advertisers and publishers

Improve financial performance

Advertisers, publishers and the network all benefit from more sales being tracked with direct bottom line benefits

​​“Moonpull enhances our ability to respond swiftly to ensure that both our advertiser and publisher communities continue to experience a world-class service”

Thomas Bilz, Awin

​​“there’s a variability in terms
of what tracking looks like,
particularly across networks
and across different advertisers”

Ray Wright,

Affiliate tracking still gives rise to too many
unknown issues when we’re deciding what to promote.
Moonpull’s tracking analysis gives assurance that
a link will work and track before we run a promotion

Warrick Lambert, Redu

Network Partnerships

Moonpull is currently used by leading global affiliate networks in Europe and USA. The combination of API functionality for deeper integration and single audit tools such as Quick Submit means that teams are able to schedule regular site-wide audits alongside one-off link tests.

Users of the platform are supported by a Knowledge Base resource and their personal support contact.


Verified Networks

Moonpull Verification provides networks with the ability to feature regularly audited programs to show as being correctly set up for tracking to be successful.

    • • Link Assurance identifies advertisers appropriately setting first party ‘memory cookies’, set up to appropriately attribute commission
    • • Moonpull Certification confirms advertisers with successful weekly audits on home and 50+ deeplink pages confirming the overall reliability of the affiliate handover

This gives publishers assurance that their efforts in promoting the advertiser will be appropriately rewarded. It also helps to strengthen publisher relationships with advertisers and engagement with the network.

Contact us to find out more about Moonpull Verification.

The Moonpull Audit

Example of audit report, giving details of the link, first-party cookies, scripts and local storage in use during the ‘affiliate handover‘. This includes the all important ‘memory cookie‘.

The Consent Management Platform is also shown and where active, the audit shows how tracking parameters are passed at each stage from initial landing, through the cookie acceptance option and to a screen refresh to ensure that the conditions persist to allow commission to be earned. This can be exported in an Audit Overview.

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