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Strengthen publisher
and advertiser relationships

Moonpull’s at-scale assurance on the affiliate tracking implementation
from publishers’ out bound links to advertisers’ landing pages
builds trust in the relationships between all parties

The affiliate networks have successfully navigated many headwinds over the years when it comes to providing the core capability of reliable and successful tracking.  Reassuringly, they continue to do so.

Good tracking underpins the growth of programs by building the trust of publishers. With accurate measurement advertisers can appraise the performance of the channel overall, including that of specific campaigns and offers.  With full visibility on the effectiveness of the affiliate budget there is the opportunity for budgets to be spent to achieve higher ROI and ultimately for budgets to be increased.   Moonpull helps networks monitor and maintain tracking services and provide ongoing reassurance that the tracking is being monitored and continuously managed.

Moonpull is a platform that can audit advertisers’ links at scale, whether homepages, category pages or deeplinks, for a network on the frequency the network chooses.  It can also be used for auditing single or smaller batches, for instance to assure a new campaign, or indeed assure that a specific link provided to a specific publisher has been technically configured correctly for the referral from the publisher to the advertiser’s landing page.

affiliate commission

What Moonpull does

The Moonpull platform is an independent auditing function for all parties who wish to understand the performance of affiliate links.  For networks, this might be regular auditing for instilling confidence in implementations to facilitate both publishers and advertisers in making appropriate promotional decisions. The audits and associated reports help networks to understand any issues compromising the referral through to the advertiser and provide the detail for a technical conversation with the appropriate party to hopefully arrive at a quick resolution

Radisson tracking analysis in Moonpull

Assured program tracking

Build publisher confidence and share of voice with regularly monitored and maintained tracking. Accurate EPCs and confidence in tracking on offers makes programs more attractive to publishers.

Strong publisher relationships

Publishers are regularly deciding on which advertisers, offers and campaigns to promote. Publishers are more likely to commence and double-down on promotions in which they have confidence in the tracking fairly rewarding them for their users’ sales .

Enhanced channel credibility

Online marketing faces many measurement challenges – regular auditing of affiliate network results enhances its use as the right source for the channel. This then is the bedrock for advertisers investing in further affiliate promotions and campaigns.

Improve financial performance

Advertisers, publishers and the network all benefit from more sales being tracked more accurately. Publishers might understand the performance of specific placements better, with advertisers being able to refine ongoing campaigns.

​​“Moonpull enhances our ability to respond swiftly to ensure that both our advertiser and publisher communities continue to experience a world-class service”

Thomas Bilz, Awin

​​“there’s a variability in terms
of what tracking looks like,
particularly across networks
and across different advertisers”

Ray Wright,

Affiliate tracking still gives rise to too many
unknown issues when we’re deciding what to promote.
Moonpull’s tracking analysis gives assurance that
a link will work and track before we run a promotion

Warrick Lambert, Redu

Network Partnerships

Moonpull is currently used by leading global affiliate networks. Moonpull offers a range of solutions to make use by affiliate networks efficient and scalable.  This includes APIs for submitting and retrieving data and SSO for managing user access.  Within the platform links can be scheduled for regular auditing and monitoring, whilst Moonpull can ensure data can be utilised in a networks internal systems, including CRM platforms to provide account managers with data on their clients tracking status.

Users of the platform are supported by a Knowledge Base resource and their personal support contact.

The Moonpull platform can have additional tests added to investigate and record matters of interest to a specific network client.

Verified Networks

Moonpull Verification provides networks with the option to feature regularly audited advertisers for publishers to see the results a guide to as to whether the program’s tracking is correctly set up for tracking to be successful.

    • • Link Assurance identifies advertisers that are setting first party ‘memory cookies’, and thus  set up to appropriately attribute commission
    • • Moonpull Certification confirms advertisers with fifty or more monthly audits confirming the advertiser’s program is being managed with due consideration to the importance of reliable tracking.

Moonpull Verification gives publishers a general assurance that their efforts in promoting the advertiser will be appropriately rewarded. It also helps to strengthen publisher relationships with advertisers and engagement with the network.  Moonpull still recommends publishers audit links that are important to them such as high volume ones or those for new promotions in order that any issues, including publisher ones, are identified.

The Moonpull Audit

petdrugs online publisher audit report

Example of audit report, giving details of the link, first-party cookies, scripts and local storage in use during the ‘affiliate handover‘. This includes the all important ‘memory cookie‘.

The Consent Management Platform is also shown and the audit shows how tracking parameters are passed at each stage from initial landing, through the cookie acceptance option and to a screen refresh to ensure that the conditions persist to allow commission to be earned.

The Uplift Calculator then provides a quick check to see what the potential commission uplift would be if tracking was correctly implemented – Read More >

The Audit Overview Report provides a summary of the audit for discussion with networks, advertisers and agencies.