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Cookie Deprecation Webinar

cookie deprecation webinar

Is Your Partner Marketing Tracking Future-Proofed?

Chris Tradgett


In a recent webinar hosted by Hellopartner, Moonpull’s Steve Brown was in conversation with Ernie Collings of Partnerize and Sam Coleman of Buyagift discussing cookie deprecation. With the big web browser changes happening right now, the older technology of third-party cookies is set to be wiped out by the end of 2024.

That may sound a bit alarmist to some but it’s certainly not just a future problem or one that can be put off until later. The problem is one of here and now, as over 30% of browsers already restrict or block all third party cookies. That can mean up to 30% of affiliate tracking simply not working!

The Hello Partner Webinar

In this webinar, hosted by HelloPartner, Ernie outlined the issue and the browsers’ share of market and how this is affecting the affiliate industry. Steve then covered some of the biggest challenges that brands were going to face with deprecation of third-party cookies. 

third-party cookie deprecation

Sam of Buyagift shared his experience in the importance of a really effective management process for implementing affiliate tracking. Core to this was working closely with the tech team to ensure that the affiliate reporting and other internal reporting tools were in sync to give clearer visibility of tracking.

How does it affect Affiliates?

Ernie outlined that 51% of UK affiliate marketers are tracking with third-party cookies, others use a mix of first-party and server to server. Worryingly, 21% of marketers don’t know what is being used in spite of all the discussions around cookie deprecation. 

Sam and Steve agreed that correct tracking was a shared responsibility between advertiser, network and publisher to make sure it’s all working correctly. To achieve that, it’s all down to effective communication – and affiliate managers talking to their tech team is very significant, as they can assist with the implementation of a new tracking solution. 

Steve emphasized that it’s not just the networks’ job to ensure tracking works, “If publishers are going to add links to an article, they also have a responsibility to audit their supply chain.” He added, “They should check links before promoting them to check that they will earn the commission.”

You can listen to the whole conversation in the recording below

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